Gargantua 7 The Content Management Solution


A single tool for a more rational, simple and efficient work!

GARGANTUA 7 is a Full Web Content Management and Workflow solution. Multilingual interface: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Russian, Turkish.

What Gargantua 7 can do for you?

  • Secure your information
  • Decrease drastically costs linked to management and storage of documents
  • Find information, accurately and immediately
  • Make information available to everybody, any time
  • Manage and control all processes

Our activities

SIATEL SA, specialist in document processing proposes a range of solutions of Workflow, Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Electronic Contents Management (ECM).

Our professional software offer is modular, interactive, complete and adapted to our customer’s needs within a context of increasing sales process complexity.

The company provides the whole range of EDMS services:

  • Prior analysis with audit and advice,
  • Software supply,
  • Supply of (all or part of) the hardware necessary to implement turn key configurations,
  • Installation
  • Staff training
  • Installations follow-up and maintenance

SIATEL can also be your "project manager" providing turn key complete installations. As an inheritage of its first activities SIATEL still provides studies, development and design of specific hardware.


Physical or electronic medium of information. The most frequent forms are:

  • books
  • papers and periodicals,
  • sound recordings,
  • video recordings,
  • maps

Other types are dedicated to a specific use:

  • mail,
  • printed documents, bills, forms, tickets, menus, labels, etc.,
  • hand written notes,
  • photographs...

When they are conserved beyond their scheduled life time, they become archive documents.

Partial source: "Wikipedia"


Set of relations established between different stages of a project, since the start until the end. In each stage the process may determine actors, tasks to be carried out by them, as well as deadlines to be respected. The process directs the project towards next stage which depends on the way the stage in progress is executed.


Software solution dedicated to design and manage processes (tasks, deadlines, actors, etc.) carried out within an organization's computing network.

Electronic Document Management System

Software solutions dedicated to manage documents and folders' life cycle, since they are created until they are deleted. EDMS main goals are first, to provide easier access to documents and related information, second, to save time on management tasks: classification, indexing, modification, transfer, diffusion, publication, archiving.